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Watch our Rural Addressing Video!

You’ve heard about our Rural Addressing Program – now you can watch it! View one of the videos below in English or Navajo language to learn more about the program and Google Plus Codes.

In English:

In Navajo:

While assigning physical plus code addresses to residents on the Navajo Nation – it’s important that we’re able to describe this revolutionary project and how it will change lives across southern Utah. Today, we’re excited to announce the creation of a tool to help us with just that: a descriptive video in both English and Navajo that outlines the importance of the Rural Addressing Program.

This video is a big step for us regarding how we communicate our work to residents on the Navajo Nation. At every door that we visit, we’ll be showing this video in either English or Navajo language to explain to residents to explain the process and significance of plus codes.

Pretty great – right? We’re excited to implement this project over the rest of the summer to improve the way people access services and vote on the Navajo Nation and rural Utah. You can help us in a few ways. First – you can share this video on social media and help us spread the word! Don’t forget to tag @Rural Utah Project. Second – you can contribute to our program. Every dollar means a sign printed and a dwelling that’s not left behind.

Thank you for your continued support!

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