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Empowering tribal nations at the voting rights conference

Sahar Khadjenoury

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The hallways of the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law  in Salt Lake City became an impromptu meeting place between the many panels from the First Nations Voting Rights Conference.

Hundreds attended the conference for ideas of how to empower Indigenous voters, create equal representation and increase voter registration both off and on the reservations.

The Rural Utah Project and the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission invited federal, state, and local government officials with Indigenous backgrounds in combination with census and legal specialists to offer insight and solutions.

Successful projects like Google Plus Codes and The Rural Utah Project create the framework for other Indigenous communities in time for 2020 Census and upcoming elections.

Sahar Khadjenoury, DinĂ©/Persian, is a video producer based in Salt Lake City. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter: @saharspice 

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